The Official Tyler's Website

Welcome to the official website of The Official Tyler

Name: Tyler Farris

Nickname: Official Tyler

Age: 15

Sex: M

Website Creator: Tyler Farris

Website Designer: Tyler Farris

Website Author: Tyler Farris

Just a little bit to know!

                      Welcome first of all, my name is Tyler known as official Tyler. This website is my home sweet home were you get all your latest news and more about me, my life, and more. And what I share on this website is 100% true not false or lies here this is were no secrets are. I'm a open book in real life and so if my website, and also this is the place were I can interact with you guys. so enjoy this website and most important thing of them all is to have and enjoy life and enjoy this website. Also below is a few little facts about be like my Name, Age, Sex, and more. And to the right you will find all my information like my Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Ustream, and Saynow.






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